About School Of Materials Science and Engineering

The School of Materials Science and Engineering was founded in 2006. It now has 5 undergraduate disciplines including polymer materials and engineering, materials chemistry, materials physics, inorganic-nonmetal materials and engineering, new energy materials and devices, as well as three talent training projects including the Hubei Provincial strategy emerging (pillar) industry talent training scheme, Chinese-Foreign cooperative Materials Chemistry specialty and “Jingchu outstanding Engineer”unify training scheme. We have more than 1,800 on campus students, 1,500 of them are undergraduate students, and 300 of them are postgraduate students. In November 2013, the materials science discipline entered the world top 1% of ESI for the first time, and kept moving upward from then on.

2017年6月,瑞典乌普萨拉,2017 eSSENCE Workshops and Meetings
2016年7月,北京,第三十三届国际半导体物理大会,何云斌教授课题组研究生参加与诺贝尔奖得主Klaus von Klitzing教授合影

Professor .Kevin Homewood , ‘one thousand talents’ program expert, first lecturing

​October 30,2017-November 15,2017.Professor.Kevin Peter Homewood, who is a specifically project expert of‘one thousand talents program’, has taught the 2015th materials chemistry Sino-foreign cooperation class in Faculty of materials science for two weeks of English Teaching, and gave a lectureaboutoptical properties of material.Homewood divided this lecture into six parts, telling the story...


Professor Wu’s team to Present at the 14th International Conference on Plasma Based Ion Implantation & Deposition

​SHANGHAI, China, October 17-20, 2017, Professor Wu attended the PBII&D 2017 meeting with his team.Organized every two years, the PBII&D conference is the occasion to present latest scientific developments and detect future trends concerning plasma based ion assisted surface treatments and thin films deposition. This conference is designed to bring you a fruitful gathering, allowing the contac...


Professor Kevin Peter Homewood is appointed as distinguished Professor of Hubei University

​On the 12th October, the appointment ceremony for Professor Kevin Peter Homewood as distinguished professor of Hubei University was hold at the administration building. Chancellor, vice chancellor and heads of finance, personnel, teaching, research, service department and head of the school of materials science and engineering attended the ceremony.Professor Yun Gao from the School of Materia...


The 3rd anniversary of Sino-foreign cooperation in Materials Chemistry and 2017 Christmas Party was successfully held

December 24,2017,the 3rd anniversary of Sino-foreign cooperation in Materials Chemistry and 2017 Christmas Party was successfully held